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If you protect your Auto, Home, Health & Life... then why not your Identity too?

Once every 2 seconds someone becomes a victim of identity theft. Over 10,000,000 people fell victim last year alone... so don't become a statistic yourself, especially when you can help protect your identity for as little as $8.99 per month. LifeLock(™) is the Industry leader when it comes to identity theft protection. LifeLock is committed to helping its customers live more freely in today’s always connected world where threats to your personal information are prominent, growing and unfortunately very real. Worry less and go on living more freely today. The unprecedented capabilities of LifeLock’s proactive service will monitor and help safeguard your personal information, finances, and credit so you can go on living with less worry.


Sign-Up for LifeLock through our Insurance Agency today and you'll receive a discount that literally lasts for LIFE, a 30 day FREE trial and just like everything else through our agency, your very own local agent available 24/7. That's a combination that you just can't get by calling an 800 number, find online or even through your local bank. Please take a few minutes to complete the enrollment form by clicking one of the banners following the plan features below. Upon completing enrollment you will be immediately covered by LifeLock's $1 Million Total Service Guarantee.

LifeLock Standard™ Service Includes:

  • eRecon® – Protects you from identity thieves selling your personal information on the Internet. The information that is sold can be used for several things that are tremendously harmful to your credit and livelihood. When we detect such activity we will alert you immediately and walk you through each step necessary to help you remedy the problem.

  • Address Change Verification – This service has been designed to actively detect any and all new address information for your identity in nationwide address databases. If we are able to detect a fraudulent address change, we will work diligently with you to help avoid any additional damage that may be caused and restore the proper address information immediately.

  • Black Market Internet Surveillance – LifeLock patrols thousands or black market and illegal websites for fraudulent buying, selling and trading of private info tied to your identity.

  • LifeLock Identity Alert® System – As soon as any detection is made of fraudulent use of your identity and information we alert you by email or telephone so that the proper action can be taken.

  • Reduce Pre-approved Credit Offers – We request removal of your name from all pre-approved credit card mailing list offers dramatically reducing the possibility of a thief rummaging through your mail and/or garbage and robbing you of your personal info.

  • 24/7 Member Service – Enroll in any LifeLock service and receive anytime access to your myLifeLock members only interface and 24/7 direct access to our customer service panel of Member Services Representatives.

  • $1,000,000 Total Service Guarantee* – If at anytime you become a victim of identity theft due to a failure in LifeLock services, we’ll help you recoup your damages up to $1 Million.

  • Lost Wallet Protection – If at anytime you lose your wallet, a WalletLock representative will assist you in canceling and replacing the missing contents of your wallet.

  • Resolution Support – If you become a victim, a Certified Resolution Specialist will work with you to help restore your ID.






















LifeLock Advantage Introduces Some Important Benefits:


Protection For Today’s Digital World

There’s no question that threats to your identity today are more prominent than they’ve ever been. With so much of your time being spent online, the amount of personal information being shared and available to criminals is nearly endless. With LifeLock Advantage identity theft protection we’ll do everything possible to monitor your online and offline activity so we can stop criminals in their tracks.


  • Financial Activity Alerts – Constant monitoring of your credit card, check, and savings account activity with fraudulent activity alerts.

  • Data Breach Notifications – When a breach happens, you’ll know and LifeLock will inform you of the threat to you personally.

  • Fictitious Identity Monitoring – Scan for names and addresses associated with your SSN for fraudulent behavior.

  • Court Records Scanning – Regularly scan court records to detect criminal activity associated with your personal information.

  • Annual Credit Report – Access to an online credit report from a major bureau annually.

  • Annual Credit Score – Access to an online credit report from a major bureau annually with insights into factors considered in determining your score.


Enroll in LifeLock Advantage and receive these LifeLock Standard services as well:


  • LifeLock Identity Alert® System†

  • Lost Wallet Protection

  • Address Change Verification

  • Black Market Website Surveillance

  • Reduced Pre-Approved Credit Card Offers

  • Live Member Support 24/7/365

  • Certified Resolution Support

  • $1 Million Total Service Guarantee*





LifeLock Ultimate Plus™ Includes:


LifeLock Ultimate Plus™, Industry’s Most Comprehensive Protection

Those of you looking for the ultimate confidence and peace of mind from your identity theft protection provider can stop looking now! LifeLock Ultimate Plus™ gives you the most comprehensive identity theft protection available. Enhancements to the new LifeLock service include alerts for new financial account applications, account takeover alerts, and online credit scores and reports.


  • Checking and Savings Account Application Alerts – Advanced banking account application alerts† and Payday loan monitoring and surveillance.

  • Bank Account Takeover Alerts – Alerts for contact information changes on your checking, savings, and credit card accounts†

  • Investment Account Fraud Alerts – Keep lookout on your investment accounts in one secure location. Get alerts that help detect fraud involving your hard earned investments.

  • File-Sharing Network Searches – Expanded monitoring of your personal information across a broad network of databases and information including file-sharing networks for exposure of personal info, as well as enhanced, online reporting and updates of any threats.

  • Credit Inquiry Alerts – Ongoing surveillance of all 3 credit bureau reports for inquiries on your credit.

  • Annual Credit Reports – Access to online credit reports from all three major bureaus.

  • Annual Credit Scores – Access to online credit reports from all three major bureaus annually with insights into factors considered in determining your score.

  • Credit Score Tracking – Receive single bureau credit score tracker that helps recognize important changes to your credit monthly.

  • Sex Offender Registry Reports – Monitor public records to let you know when sex offenders have moved to your area and a report to find out if offenders have noted your address to avoid detection.

  • Priority Member Support – Receive first available representative support with our U.S. based Member Services Agents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Enroll in LifeLock Ultimate Plus™ and receive these LifeLock Standard and Advantage services as well:

  • LifeLock Identity Alert® System†

  • Lost Wallet Protection

  • Address Change Verification

  • Black Market Website Surveillance

  • Reduced Pre-Approved Credit Card Offers

  • Fictitious Identity Monitoring

  • Court Records Scanning

  • Data Breach Notification

  • Credit Card, Checking and Savings Account Activity Alerts†

  • Certified Resolution Support

  • $1 Million Total Service Guarantee*







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